Currently, there is so much information on the internet based around health, wellness, fitness and longevity. The key problems that so many are facing are:

So many are still using archaic supplemental information and products that you are left without being able to augment your health the way you truly want it to be.

The dilution and mix-up of information creates confusion and incongruency for people. 

There is no one space that has all the information reviewed and assembled in easy to follow steps.

With more biohacking tools and systems becoming available, it’s difficult to know how to integrate them all into one’s life to improve health and life expectancy.

Increasing environmental factors will lead to further cellular and DNA breakdown over the next decade, with little to no advise and strategies on how to mitigate these risks. (Factors such as increase in LED lighting, blue light, WiFi, 5G and other inevitable technological advances) This ultimately will increase the prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancers and other neurological degenerative conditions. You need to know how to mitigate these things.

Biochemical testing is now readily accessible with home test kits, but the interpretation of the results and the recommendations and solutions offered are still based on old medical knowledge that is outdated and ineffective.

My Vision for the future:

A one stop place for those wanting current, up-to-date knowledge and strategies on health, fitness, wellness and longevity; along with nutrition, supplements, bio-hacks, bio-tech gadgets and analysis such as DNA and biochemical testing kits for bespoke programs that will offer current and future real life solutions to revolutionise their lives and create a tribe of like-minded people who are wanting to live longer and be healthier the older they become. Basically to increase the biological and functional age of people to help prevent and stop long term metabolic and degenerative diseases. This can also be done through specific supplements based on cutting edge science.

Offers a myriad of options from free downloadable content and programs to high end tailor-made advise and coaching.


 I am a biohacker, health, performance and longevity coach, ex-international rugby player, ex-bodybuilder and an ultra marathon athlete.

Doctor of Chiropractic degree and almost 2 decades of experience working as a physician, nutritionalist, pain management consultant and a performance coach.

Vast knowledge of science and research, in-the-trenches experience and unique cutting-edge whole body and environmental biohacking techniques.

Responsible for maximising performance, rehabilitation, recovery, fat loss, gut, brain, sleep, hormone and life optimisation for CEO’s, exercise enthusiasts, athletes of all levels and other health and fitness conscious people looking to gain an edge and wanting to advance their health longevity. 


Nate L.

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